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The Matrix Series

The Matrix -reviewIf you enjoy epic stories, intense action and character development, then it is likely that the Matrix movie series (including the Animatrix animated companion story collection) is one that continues to be an inspiration.

The setting is that of what appears to be our world, circa 1999 (the time of the film’s release) and revolves around the isolated life of Thomas Anderson, AKA “Neo played by Keanu Reeves, an employee of a major software and web design company. Neo is a mild mannered everyday guy by day, but an elite hacker by night who supplements his income by selling illegal programs of his own design to the fringe elements of the electronic underworld.

Neo is also trying to track the movements of a mysterious man known only as Morpheus played by Lawrence Fishburne, one of the most wanted men in the world, who he believes can answer the question gnawing at his soul: What is the Matrix? After a strange turn of events Neo is approached by Trinity, another elite hacker who gives him an opportunity to meet with Morpheus.

These events lead to Neo discovering the truth of his reality: it is a lie. The Matrix is in …

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