The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the greatest movies of all time.  Many young children watched this movie with their parents for the first time in 1939.

During this period of time, the film industries were making their deputies from the old black and white style to a life full of color.  This film includes the use of both technologies, displaying both black and white along with full color. The technology of the color cameras was on the break and movies as they knew them would never be the same.  The film being shot in full color was a mark of success.

The film was produced by MGM and is a comedy that includes a fantasy drama story line with a musical influence.  The film is based on a book written in 1900 by L. Frank Baum named The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  As the films actors included many stars of that era, it also included a little dog and singing midgets know as the Munchkins.

During the years of American culture have passed along this film stands as an American icon for popularity.  It is listed and ranked as one of the best ever films on many public and critics lists.  Many of the quotes from the often are often used in the American culture today.

The Wizard of Oz is also listed as one of the most viewed films of all time.  It was nominated for many awards over the centuries and was never a disappointment for the box office.  The film even made a broadcast on the CBS network in 1956.  This made the film even more popular and with the popularity, the network even still airs the movie once a year.  Airing the film year after year has allowed for the audience to watch keeping the fan base to keep building.  This made the Wizard of Oz one of the watched movies in history.

This film is as charming is the color put into the cast.  It is easy to fall in love with the story from the first time you watch it.  Each time you view this film you will find more and more details along with better understanding the underlying plot.

This film was produced as a fable to the events, economic standing, and politics during the 19th century.  As you watch the movie, you will notice that it displays the relationships between the governmental interests and what the movie has to visually offer.  One of the writers was an activist during this time period and wanted the film to share the influence of political officers.  Many things in the film represent more than what they are.  Each of the characters was created to resemble real politicians at that time. In the scenery each object has a meaning behind it and why it is in the film.  For example, the yellow brick road is a meaning of the gold standard and wizard was an example of a politician.

The movie begins, in black and white, as the young teenage girl, who is an orphan and lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry on a small farm in Kansas.  The teenage girl and her dog, Tott are pesting the neighbor when the small dogs bite the lady.  The ever so upset neighbor takes the dog to the Sheriffs office and tells of the incident.   The sheriff orders for the dog to be put down.  When they are not looking the dog escapes back to the young girl.  The girl feels like she has no other choice, but to run away.

As the pair travel, they run into an interesting man that says he can tell the future.  The man deceits the teenager into thinking her Aunt Em is sick that she must go back to the farm.  As she is running as fast as she can tornado forms.  Unable to take shelter the girl gets hit in the head with a piece of flying debris from the storm and knocks her out.  As the girl lays comatose she has the craziest dream ever.  This is when the story gets interesting and the special color part of the films starts.

As the young women woke up in a new world she is greeted by many special guests.  The guest explains to her that the farmhouse she calls home has fallen down on a witch and killed her.  Just as the young women is understanding what has occurred another special character comes into the film giving her a pair of red sparkly dress shoes of off the dead witch.

As the plot thickens, a curse is put on the girl for wearing the shoes.  She is not sure what to do and then one of the characters give her a plan to head to Emerald City where the wizard there will be able to send her back home to Kansas.  Along the yellow brick road, she meets several different characters that are all missing something about themselves.  She has the idea to bring them with her to the city because if the wizard can send her home then maybe she can fix their problems, too.

When reaching the city and standing at the gates for the first time she is turned down.  The keeper of the door will not allow them to come in.  After some discussions, they were allowed in to speak with the wizard.    The wizard agrees to help them with their problems if they can bring him of the witch’s broomsticks.

The characters are then off to the mission of finding and collecting this broomstick.  After many events like the young women being captured by the witch and the characters returning to the wizard them are able to melt the witch on accident allowing them to claim the broomstick and return to the wizard with it in hand.  The wizard then grants the wishes of the three characters and then prepares the girl for her magical journey back home.  She is now able to return home by snapping the heels of feet together three times and saying a special few words.

A few goodbyes later the girl is ready and completes the snapping of her heals.  The girl then wakes up at home in the farmhouse where her aunt, uncle, and dog are surrounding her.